Let's Face The Truth...

Studying For The Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification SUCKS...

  • No Step-by-Step Sequence

    Sure there are resources online, but no comprehensive, step by step guide covering everything you need.

  • There's Nothing Online

    If you could find anything online, that would be great. But there's nothing out there. How in the world are you going to learn if nobody is willing to show you the way?

  • Low Quality Advice

    Seeing other people pass the MC Admin cert is great, but when you ask them how they did it, they don't give you any REAL advice. It's impossible to find an easy-to-follow guide online.

Introducing Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

The only affordable online Marketing Cloud Administrator cert prep that gives you lifetime access to the best certification prep material

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator Trailmix

    Learn EXACTLY what you need to study from Trailhead without figuring it all out yourself.

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator Study Guide

    Master the Marketing Cloud Admin fundamentals with the OFFICIAL Salesforce help documents that you need to study if you want expert advice from Salesforce.

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator Mock Exams

    Get access to Marketing Cloud Administrator Mock Exams with questions that will help you pass the Marketing Cloud Admin Certification on the first try.

Marketing Cloud Admin Course curriculum

Here's What You Get!

    1. What you'll be able to do at the end of module 1

    2. Why companies use Marketing Cloud

    3. Real world example of Marketing Cloud

    4. MC Admin Pre-Course Survey

    5. The project we’re going to build together

    6. Step by Step MC Project Framework

    7. Course syllabus

    8. Marketing Cloud Admin Exam Outline

    9. Each Marketing Cloud area we’ll cover in class

    10. Template’s we’ll use in the course

    11. Module 1 Assignment

    1. What you'll be able to do at the end of Module 2

    2. 5 Roles in Every Marketing Cloud Project

    3. The framework of a good consultant

    4. BRG Sessions (How They Work)

    5. Solution Design

    6. Module 2 Assignment

    1. What you'll be able to do at the end of Module 3

    2. Tour Setup Home

    3. Sender Authentication Package | Marketing Cloud

    4. Email Deliverability (Part 1)

    5. Email Deliverability (Part 2)

    6. Marketing Cloud Connect (Part 1)

    7. Marketing Cloud Connect (Part 2)

    8. Marketing Cloud Connect (Part 3)

    1. Data Management Intro

    2. Create Data Filters

    3. Filter data with SQL

    4. Create Nike Attribute Group

    1. What you'll be able to do at the end of module 5

    2. FileZilla Setup & Automation Studio Import

    3. Automation Studio Setup

    1. What you'll be able to do at the end of module 6

    2. Create the Welcome to Nike Email

    3. Send the Welcome to Nike Email

    4. Create the Nike Multi-Step Journey Builder

About this course

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  • 59 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content

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  • Do you provide access to log in and practice in a Marketing Cloud Org?

    The course does not come with access to a marketing cloud instance. It would be nice to have an instance to practice in, but it's not necessary for the purpose of passing the exam. Many learners have passed without access to a MC org.

  • Do I need to have the Salesforce Administrator Certification before I do Marketing Cloud

    You don't need to have the Salesforce Admin certification to do anything in Marketing Cloud. The Salesforce Admin certification is a completely different Salesforce product that focuses on Sales Cloud knowledge. Since you aren't focused on Sales Cloud, there’s no need for that certification. We are only focused on Marketing Cloud.

  • How long will it take me to get certified?

    It depends on the amount of Marketing Cloud knowledge you already have. Everybody’s path is different. For some, it may take a week, and for others it could take up to 3 months of dedicated study and continuous practice. But it’s always worth it in the end.

  • How do I know I'll get certified?

    While there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll get certified in anything. If you put in the work, then your likelihood of achieving the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification goes way up.